Rand Winburn’s “I Can Be Anything” is like 2010 meets 1984 musically

In the 1980s, synthesizer was king. It has been a long time since Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys ruled the pop charts, but artists like White Town and Keane have brought the atmospheric keyboard and angelic chorus back into vogue in recent times. So has Christian recording artist Rand Winburn.

Winburn ruffled some feathers with the publication of his controversial anti-Catholic Church 1997 book, “Antichrist In Our Midst,” which explains the Historicist view of prophecy long held by Protestants. Then his own world was rocked in 2006 when his wife of 14 years became addicted to her prescription pain medications, went berserk, and threatened to kill him. She was arrested, found guilty of domestic violence, and is permanently out of his life. This painful time in Winburn’s life tested and fine-tuned his relationship with Jesus, and that, in turn, informed the writing and recording of his 2008 CD, “Soul Seeker,” from Corgi Boy Records. He followed that with 2009′s “Covenant of Grace,” and now 2010′s “I Can Be Anything.”

Recently, Winburn found a new wife (pictured to the left) and could not be happier. He moved to Houston, Texas, and the new marriage and new place to live has given him a newfound joy and confidence that is evident on “I Can Be Anything.” The six song EP has four songs about love and two songs about God.

“Bad Religion” is Winburn’s stand-out song, as his vocals come across as a bluesy rap over a slinky electro-beat. Like “Bad Religion,” Winburn’s other gospel-oriented song, “The Way,” also gets people thinking about where they stand with God. On “The Way,” he sings, “He was the shining light for me.”

Besides celebrating how God changed his life, Winburn is also singing songs about love, including “I’ll Be There,” which starts off with this line: “A girl is quite crazy, crazy in love…” Winburn goes on to proclaim that he’ll be the man in her life who will be her friend, ’til the end. A lot of men could use this song to proclaim to their wives or girlfriends how much they love and appreciate them. Toward the end of the song, as a bonus, there’s a really cool, otherworldly synth solo that sounds like something you’d hear in a dance club.

Indeed, with an electronica, synth-pop sound, Winburn makes music that can reach clubgoers. Listen to “Love Brought You” and you’ll feel like God is hugging you in heaven. “Love Brought You” is his most “2010” song, with just a taste of 1984 so that all ages can get into it.

If you remember the classic 1989 movie “Say Anything” where the guy goes to his girlfriend’s house and holds up a boombox playing Peter Gabriel‘s “In Your Eyes” to proclaim his love to his girl, who is mad at him, then you will love Winburn’s “Keep From Loving You,” which men could use to try to win back their girlfriends or wives after a fight.

Listening to Winburn’s music, without seeing a photo of him, you’d never know he’s a grandfather. He’s not your typical grandfather, that’s for sure. As much as you’d like to think his music is cheesy, the fact is it’s really well done– his voice is superb and if you like synth-pop, you will be very impressed. Hear his tunes on amazon, itunes, or at myspace.com/randwinburn.


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One thought on “Rand Winburn’s “I Can Be Anything” is like 2010 meets 1984 musically”

  1. fyi….this man is a liar. everything in this article is a lie. he uses woman in the name of god. he rapes and beats them. everything he said about his x wife is untrue. He had sexual relations with a whore and gave his x wife a disease. how can a man with so much sin claim he is a man of God? He may never face his demons in this life but in the after life God will deny this false prophet. He probably had is new wife pay for this article. How the christian community can be so blind is beyond me. It makes me sick. and his music sucks.

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