Mary Mary’s husbands have a group, the Soul Seekers

Mary Mary, which is sisters Tina and Erica Campbell, happen to be married to producers who happen to be in a male singing group called The Soul Seekers, who have a new CD out called “Soul Seekers II” on My Block Records/Malaco Music Group.

Warryn Campbell and Teddy Campbell, the Mary Mary husbands, are joined by Nisan Stewart, John “Jubu” Smith, Gerald Haddon, Charlie Bereal, Craig Brockman, and Eric Seats, to form the Soul Seekers. Interestingly, you’d expect production and style to be like that of Mary Mary’s, and while a few musical¬†riffs are evidently shared between the two groups, the Soul Seekers couldn’t be further from Mary Mary, and widespread appeal, if they tried.

the_soul_seekersThe Soul Seekers make black Gospel music that’s best labelled traditional, and when I say that I mean: old. The music they’re making is for little old black ladies who wear outrageously big hats to church, wave fans in the non-air-conditioned air, and “shout hallelujah” when the spirit moves them.

The Soul Seekers could be on par with Mary Mary or Boyz II Men, but their music does NOT appeal to people under 40.

For a while I was scratching my head, wondering why eight stylish black men singing heavenly harmony together weren’t household names. I mean, this group is as good as The Temptations! BUT, then I realized today’s music world is littered with bimbos like Lady Gaga and Ke$ha making mechanically electronic dance music, so now is not the time for the Soul Seekers to make a global impact.

However, if you’re black, semi-rural, folksy and churchy, you will LOVE The Soul Seekers. The organ and guitar¬†appears in these tunes, some of them get a bit country, and the voices are nicely blended. You can go to if you want to know more about this vocal group.


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One thought on “Mary Mary’s husbands have a group, the Soul Seekers”

  1. Interesting article, but the “Skinny” is Soul Seekers is a group for Christians with soul connections. That’s not hip talk but GOD’s children with a connection to HIM! You have to know The Book to understand and Believing is more than money …

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