Cindy Morgan interview

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Cindy_MorganCindy Morgan

Q) Describe your sound.
A) My sound is kind of an earthy pop. In that I mean that we have combined instruments like the dulcimer and dobro with piano and strings. The most important element of all is the song and that is what we try to make the focal point.

Q) What are some of the themes your music conveys?
A) Everyday real life stuff… like the song “Enough” is about the on-going struggle not to be romanced by materialism. There is a song called “Mother,” which is autobiographical about my own struggle with my relationship with my mom and how there is a way to get to the other side of it.

Q) Who is your primary audience?
A) I think people who want to dig a little deeper, most likely college age and up.

Q) In concert, what song gets the biggest reaction? Why?
A) From the latest record? “Mother.” I think it’s because it is a very personal subject—everyone has a mother, and it is such a powerful relationship.

Q) What do you think of Jesus?
A) I think life would be a dark void without Him.

Q) What gets on your nerves?
A) Hmm… world hunger with such wealth that surrounds us, how difficult it is to open CDs, and narrow-minded Christians.

Q) When you have bad days, what keeps you going, pressing on?
A) What keeps me going is the knowledge of how precious time is. My girls, my husband, and, most importantly, my faith keep me going, and knowing that there is always so much to be thankful for helps me press on.

Q) What is something you’d tell a struggling young person who doesn’t go to church and “doesn’t know the Lord” to encourage them?
A) God knows exactly who you are and what you’re going through. There is nothing that can shock Him. He wants you to know that you are His child—that you have never lost love. I think we all believe we are too far from God’s love, but that is the miracle of what Christ did. We were all a million miles away, but He bridges every gap and loves each of us the same.

Q) Where do you live? What is the spiritual climate like there?
A) My husband is Canadian so we live half the year in Alberta, Canada, and half the year in Nashville. The religious climate there is conservative, although most Canadians are more laid back about social issues.

Q) What is your church background?
A) I was baptized in a Baptist church and then spent my middle school years at a Church of God, then spent a few years in the Apostolic Church (which had a slamming music program), back to Church of God, then Presbyterian…we attend a Dutch Reform church in Canada which is the church my husband grew up in. I really like the Episcopal Church too.

Q) How is today’s modern, contemporary Christian church helping or failing the youth?
A) From what I can tell, the modern day structure of the church is really great for youth—lots of activities.

Q) If someone wants to pray for you, what should they pray about/for?
A) I always need prayer for keeping my life in balance. It is so tempting to let work and the pursuit of success rule your life. I want to make sure my family comes before work—it’s a constant struggle to keep it in check.

Q) Talk about your CD, “Postcards.”
A) “Postcards” is a record full of songs written about honest feelings and real life struggles. It isn’t a perfect record, but it is honest.

Q) Final thoughts?
A) God is with you, always.


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