Whatever happened to Christian singer Clay Crosse?

Clay Crosse and his son Garrett in their snow igloo

Clay Crosse was quite popular on Christian radio in the 1990s, esp. for the song “I Surrender All.” He and his wife Renee currently run Holy Homes ministry out of Tennessee– they wrote a book together and go on the road speaking to audiences about lust, porn, and how to communicate as husband and wife to weather the storms of marriage. Clay Crosse is also very into painting, and sells some of his work. Below you’ll see a good example of his painting style. So that is what’s new with Clay Crosse. Oh, by the way,¬†Clay Crosse¬†still sings in churches, too.

Artwork by Clay Crosse

Published by

Mark Weber

Mark Weber publishes the MarkWeberMusicBlog.

2 thoughts on “Whatever happened to Christian singer Clay Crosse?”

  1. Clay cross i am long time fan and keep you and your family in my prayers continue to minister with your music and encourageing words of faith.be blessed ,as you bless others god bless and keep you

  2. Just listened to the interview you and your wife did on 4-15-2006 for Blazing Grace Ministries. Thank you for your transparency back then and I pray that you are still speaking out on this topic as our world and our country in particular is in bondage to sexual immorality in epidemic proportions.

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