An anthem for your church choir to sing

I wrote this song, “Season of Sadness,” with a black Gospel choir in mind. I think I would literally cry if I heard a black Gospel choir sing this, because Lord knows they can do a better job at this particular song than little old me trying to sing it. Now keep in mind, I used to be in a Gospel choir, so I have memories of the amazing sound multiple voices coming together can create…and I long for that sound in my ears, years after the fact. So I think, in the back of my mind, writing and recording “Season of Sadness” was done with a choir in mind. I also wanted to write an anthem, the kind that would stir someone inside, to let them sing along to this song and declare out of their mouth that they may be in a season of sadness, but now it’s time to declare their season of gladness…and with God all things are possible, so that’s why the line, “With God I am strong, by faith I’ll carry on” is in the song. Apart from God, we are weak. God’s strength and love has the power to carry us, sustain us, and deliver us out of the sadness into the joyfulness of gladness. I hope this song “goes places.” I would love to hear choir’s interpretations of it– that would bring me such joy!!!! –Mark Weber, Christian Music Daily


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