Rebecca St. James writes a new book: “What Is He Thinking?”

There are two things you should know about Christian singer Rebecca St. James, according to #1 is that she’s finally married after years of talking, writing and singing about virginity. #2 is that she’s been appearing on Sean Hannity’s cable program every so often to be a panel member, weighing in on what’s going on—so “cultural commentator” can be added to her impressive resume.

Do you know how a singer like Rebecca St. James gets on TV to be a cultural commentator? She writes books! That is the fastest way onto TV, people. And Rebecca is becoming prolific in her output on the bookshelves. Case in point, this September she’s release a new one called What Is He Thinking?? What Guys Want Us To Know About Dating, Love, and Marriage (FaithWords/Hachette Book Group; September 2011; Trade Paperback; $14.99).

“I grew up in a home with five younger brothers, so I may have had an early head start on this topic of guys and what they’re thinking,” she says.

Drawing on interviews with single men as well as married men, along with her dating experiences, Rebecca helps define just what men are looking for and what they wish women knew. Revealing the top ten turnoffs for guys (including a critical spirit, a hot girl who is boring, and the inability to be feminine), the five date questions you have to ask (Do you have any hobbies? Who’s your best friend?), and do’s and don’ts for interacting with guys, the author provides readers with “the ultimate field guide to Christian men.”

Apparently, a field guide to men is still very much needed. According to the New York Times, the number of single women in America has exceeded the number of married women with only 49% of women married and living with a spouse.

“I have to wonder if that is why so many single women I know feel the urgency to get married. That can create lots of undue pressure on themselves, as well as the guys in their lives,” says Rebecca.

Stressing the importance of remaining pure in relationships, St. James offers pro-abstinence advice from men—a view counter to our sex-obsessed culture. Other surprising findings among the men interviewed include a top ten list of what they do to keep their mind off sex (it includes eating, jogging, and walking the dog!) and why most men agree that “modest is hottest.”

“In the heart of all of us, I believe that there’s a longing for adventure. It’s not just guys that love to live a new story and go on a journey. That’s what dating can be, girls . . . an exciting adventure,” she says. “Yes, it is scary at times and tough to navigate—but it is worth it! And God is shaping us in the process.”

Rebecca married Jacob Fink (hmmm, Rebecca Fink? Doesn’t sound as punchy as “St. James”; btw, her original last name was/is Smallbone!) Here’s the official quote about that:

“We are truly amazed at finding our dreams and ideals met in the love we’ve found. We are exceedingly grateful for this precious gift from God. It’s a love that in every sense of the word has been worth the wait.”

That quote sounds too good to be true. Perhaps after a couple years of marriage, she’ll write a book about dealing with the husband leaving the toilet seat up, and other things men do to annoy their mates.


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