3 questions for Canada’s Carolyn Arends

Canadian Christian singer Carolyn Arends answered a few questions via email for ChristianMusicDaily.com in 2007:

1) How did the tour with Greg Sczebel go?
We had such a great time. Greg “funkified” us a little, and we “folkified” him a little, and it turned out to be a really fun mix. I had laryngitis for one weekend of the tour, but those turned out to be some of the best concerts in many ways. There’s nothing like realizing that you are totally dependent on God to make you get in tune with Him! Anyway, we met a lot of great people out on the road, got a lot of encouraging feedback, and also ended up with about 100 new child sponsorships for Compassion. 

2) What is your opinion of being Canadian and being recognized in Canada for your music?
Well, I love being Canadian. As far as being recognized, I try to hold these things (awards and recognition) lightly, but, honestly, recognition is a very nice encouragement. There are some really great bands and artists up this year, and it feels nice to keep their company. I’m really excited about the way the faith-based music community is growing in Canada.

3) What are your plans for the next few months/what is new with you?
Well, I’m teaching at Pacific Life, doing some writing for a re-release of one of my books, and beginning graduate theology studies. Between all that and chasing my young family around, I seem to be busy.


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