Michael W. Smith Holiday Mail for Heroes

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Contemporary Christian music artist and the American Red Cross celebrity spokesperson Michael W. Smith is lending a hand to Holiday Mail for Heroes and is asking Americans to send a “touch of home” to U.S. service members through by sending messages of cheer and appreciation between now and Friday, December 9.

“It’s an honor to be a part of the Holiday Mail for Heroes program,” Smith said. “The brave men and women who serve our country deserve of our utmost gratitude and heartfelt sentiments, especially during the holiday season when they are far from home.”

Simply sending a quick greeting to service members goes a long way to make their holiday a little brighter. This is also a perfect volunteer project for local churches, charitable organizations and community groups. Americans are welcome to send religious cards and these will be passed on to chaplains nationwide to be distributed.


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5 thoughts on “Michael W. Smith Holiday Mail for Heroes”

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    them because they may think it is stupid. I need to work up the courage to ask them i really want to do them and this is not the sort of thing i would give up on.
    Any tips for me to ask my parents?. )i(I was in my school choir 2 years ago, before I became a teenager.
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  2. Yes, take lessons! Tell your parents you’re interested in singing and want to improve your voice– that singing is a skill that can be learned and improved with lessons, and you’re eager to see if singing’s something you excel at. “Never know if I don’t try” you can tell ’em!

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