Carman crash and recovery

Christian music maker Carman was in a serious car crash accident recently.

He was seated in the passenger seat when his driver made a left into a church parking lot, in front of a crowd of fans waiting to get into a concert. A truck from oncoming traffic struck Carman’s side at 50 MPH!

The vehicle was destroyed, but Carman was not. The driver from the oncoming truck had to be life-flighted to the closest hospital and suffered brain injuries.

Amazingly, Carman was able to walk into the church, attempting to continue with the scheduled concert, but collapsed soon after. He was taken to Liberty Hospital in Liberty, Texas, just outside of Houston. After an exam and X-rays, no broken bones or spinal injuries were discovered. There were, however, some internal injuries, requiring surgery.

Carman will be transported back home on Monday to undergo surgery Tuesday morning. Carman wishes to thank everyone for their prayers, support and thoughtful postings on Facebook. “They are very, very encouraging at a time like this,” he said.

Thanks to Stephen Yake for this information.

Posted by Mark Weber, author of several books about Christian/Gospel music; to see the books he has written, click here.

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6 thoughts on “Carman crash and recovery”

  1. Carmon!!!! Praise God he will be ok!!!! We are HUGE Carmon fans in our family! I grew up listening to him and now I have my kids loving his music!! God is GOOD!!!!!

  2. My Prayers are with you Carman. Thank you for your music that has inspired my family.

  3. Just heard about the accident, and will be praying for recoveries of the truck driver – and Carmen, too. May God – as only He can – find some way to make something really good out of this bad accident.

  4. We are praying for Carmen’s quick recovery! Carmen has always been apart of our lives through Song and Worship! We pray he heals quickly!!! God bless!!

  5. I prays the lord for carmen recovery i love him very much and so does my wife I hope to hear something about his recovery soon !

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