Classic Email: Manic Drive 2004

Mark Weber received this information from Canadian Christian rock band Manic Drive (formerly known as One Cross) on Dec. 7, 2004:

MANIC DRIVE (fka OneCross)

New Email Address:

Brothers Michael and Shawn Cavallo have been working in the studio producing their latest project “Reason for Motion.” Working with excellent engineers such as Jamie K. Alpine from Thousand Foot Krutch and well respected producers Brian Hardin and Rob Tait this album is expected to create a big buzz for the Cavallo brothers.

“It has been an exciting and challenging project for Michael and I” explains Shawn drums/vocals. “We have been working with great minds and have put in a lot of heart producing the new record. We are stoked with the album so far and feel good about the direction of this album.”

Now with a new name, Manic Drive has been busy reinventing themselves. “This is definitely a time of growth for us” says Michael (guitars, vocals) “That’s why we felt it would be appropriate for the name change.”

And with the launch of their new website you can definitely hear and see the growth from the earlier days as OneCross with their release “Clearly Distorted” to their latest single “Luckiest” that is planned to be released to radio in the New Year.

You would think recording an album, launching a new website and planning a summer tour which already include dates such as Power Fest WI, Family Fest ON and Kingdom Bound NY (just to name a few) this band has kept pretty busy, but that’s not all. Shawn and Michael have just finished and released an unplugged version of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Make sure you watch out for Manic Drive “Reason for Motion” coming soon 2005


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8 thoughts on “Classic Email: Manic Drive 2004”

  1. Whoa, I remember when they were touring on that record…did a show for my youth group in Ohio back in the day.

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