Tim Hawkins’ guide to worship signals

Tim Hawkins makes American Christians laugh; as a clean-but-funny comedian, he does a great job, and here, for your enjoyment, is his guide to “worship signals.”
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13 thoughts on “Tim Hawkins’ guide to worship signals”

  1. Do you remember that story in the Bible where King David’s wife made fun of him because he was praising the Lord, and she said he looked like a fool & was embarrassing her? I learned NOT to make fun of anybody in worship, whether they are Christians raising their hands (I *HATE* Tim Hawkins’ “Official Worship Guide” going around) or Muslims bowing to the East, or Native Americans dancing around a fire. Show some respect for yourself and others, Tim Hawkins. I would hate to think that even ONE person felt their hands come down, or a spiritual embarrassment in a worship service because of something STUPID that I had posted on my Facebook just for laughs. No doubt, It *is* CLEVER. But clever and appropriate don’t always go together.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Are you for real?? Where were you raised! Who raised you? You sound like a 60’s hippie. Just WHAT do you contribute to society besides inane banter and Henny Penny rhetoric. YOU are part of the problem now facing America. What Legacy are you leaving for your children, assuming they allowed you to procreate? Powers are now being implemented to collapse these United States and your values are focused on spewing that crap (see above). Educate yourself and “Get a Clue!”

  3. Dear David, Who died and left you god? How do you know that what one does in worship is more pleasing than another if you cannot read his/her heart? God honors all worship that is truly directed at him. Anonymous is right, we need to be respectful to everyone, even when we don’t agree with them. Tim Hawkins is a comedian, not a theologian. He was just being funny

  4. The story about David is in II Samuel 6. I studied It carefully after being asked to play a Song that is claimed to be based on the passage. King David’s wife did not “make fun of him”, She “despised Him In her heart” and rebuked him. Not because he was praising the Lord, but because he had taken off his Kingly robes, stepped out of his so called royal position, and was dancing and praising the Lord among the common people. I really don’t believe Tim Hawkins despises people for raising their hands in worship nor do I think his intent is to rebuke them, but rather to celebrate through humor the personal aspects of, and the differences in worship.
    I agree we need to be careful to not cause someone to stumble by being critical, but that is not the point of the passage in II Sam. The point is that before the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God King David rightfully saw himself as no different or better then the lowest of servants in his earthly kingdom. In that he was just joining in worship before the throne of the King Of Kings.

  5. Can’t we just laugh at ourselves? If God didn’t take it too insulting to became human, I don’t think we can afford getting all offended if someone points out some of the funnier aspects of church life =) But again, don’t show it to everybody, lest your freedom be an offense to someone else (Romans 14.)

  6. Cody and T, I think that was the point Anonymous was making, there are some things you can laugh about, but God made Mikael barren because of her sarcastic attitude toward David’s worshipping God. I went and read it too and she was all like “ohhh, you looked great out their!” and that’s kindof what the Worship Guide is too, sarcastic! It’s funny but also,.. idk.. I get his point that it might be a bit too much.

  7. I smiled, then laughed. I thought it was funny, not sacrilegious, nor anything that could be comparable to David’s bitter wife. It is sad when we can’t find humor in things such as hand movements. No one in Tim Hawkins’ camp is suggesting, nor would they dare, that worship in and of itself is laughable. This is only a lighthearted attempt at “keeping it real.”

  8. SO funny! Lighten up people. Life is too short to be mad about everything.Don’t be so Heavenly minded that you are no Earthly good. It is not un-biblical to laugh at ourselves a little. Worshiping God is all about the heart. It can be done corporately or alone,at church or at home. Shoot, I ‘ve raised my hands in the car to songs that some might deem un-christian. I worship the Lord when I garden or walk the dogs just for the sheer beauty of His creation.

  9. As long as our humor is balanced with a sincere worship of the Lord, laughter does good like medicine! I’m using this guide as an opener for my sermon tomorrow morning, as a joke; not poking fun at worshiping God just as a funny illustration of how we express our joy. : )

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