Waiting for your destiny

Many of you will remember Da’dra Crawford Greathouse from the popular 1990s Christian singing group Anointed. Since then, she has become a worship leader at Lakewood Church, the nation’s largest church, in Houston. Da’dra recently shared some Biblical thoughts on waiting for your destiny on Facebook…

“I was just reading in Exodus about the children of Israel. It says that God could have led them out of Egypt on a quicker route to the promised land. But, God decided to take them a longer and indirect route because He was concerned that they would face enemies that they weren’t prepared to fight. Thus, losing heart, giving up and going back to Egypt (back to being enslaved and missing out on what God had promised).

Hmmm, is it possible that we can want God to lead us to fulfill our destiny in a quicker way than what He chooses? It may be starting a church, a ministry, a recording ministry/career, a business, finding a spouse or having children that we dream of. We all have goals and dreams, but God is the one that knows what we can handle and what could potentially destroy us and lead us to give up if we have what we desire too soon for us to handle it.So, if He knows we can’t successfully handle a quick path to our destiny, He will re-route us. He will put us on a path that may take longer and others may reach their destiny sooner, but God knows what we can bear along the way.

My encouragement to you is this: Do not be dismayed at the time it has taken for you to get to where you are going. Do not be discouraged when you see others seemingly arriving at the destiny before you. You don’t know how long the journey has actually been for them. All you see is the end product. Just know that God will get you to your promised land in the time and the way they He knows best.

Be blessed.”


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6 thoughts on “Waiting for your destiny”

  1. very encouraging and timely!!!!! thank you Dadra, May God bless you always!!!!!!!!!!

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