Christian singers Tony Vincent and Anthony Evans Jr. on NBC’s The Voice

NBC’s The Voice, a series that showcases singers, is featuring two Christian singers this season– two singers who released CDs to the contemporary Christian market…

Tony Vincent, who kind of looks like the Newsboys’ Peter Furler– bald with eye liner– used to be a pop-rocker in CCM back in the early 1990s, but he never really “made it” in Christian music, so he ended up singing in Broadway rock musicals like American Idiot, RENT, and Jesus Christ Superstar. Now he’s 38, married, with a kid on the way. And Cee-Lo Green picked him for his team on The Voice after he heard Tony belt out a Queen song, “We Are The Champions.”

Anthony Evans Jr. is the son of Dr. Anthony Evans, a prominent pastor known in Christian circles. Anthony is black but his music is pretty white, so he has been trying to appeal to white CCM fans for the past ten years. Now, he’s on The Voice, singing “What’s Goin’ On,” with his parents and Kirk Franklin and his wife Tammy there to support him. Anthony made a good point that he has been a “Gospel act” singing in front of crowds for 10 years but with this one appearance on The Voice more people will see him (on TV) in five minutes, right now, compared to all those he’s sung for in-person during the past decade. I thought his singing was a little off/bland, just like his past CDs aimed toward Christian music buyers, but Christina Aguilera liked his “runs,” and picked him for her team. So we shall see how he does on The Voice.

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2 thoughts on “Christian singers Tony Vincent and Anthony Evans Jr. on NBC’s The Voice”

  1. I think that Anthony did horrible compared to his music that’s been put out, but still good luck to him…He deserves it.

  2. Anthony Evans is not married nor does he have kids, his brother and sisters are married with kids.

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