Christian music’s most unexpected happenings

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This is ChristianMusicMakers Top 10 list of most unexpected happenings:

10) Amy Grant gets a divorce — by now, it’s old news, but you can bet there’s still a lot of people wagging their fingers in the air, condemning her for divorcing fellow Christian singer Gary Chapman, and then marrying Country crooner megastar Vince Gill, her golf buddy.

9) Bethany Dillon ended up marrying Shane Barnard of the Christian duo “Shane & Shane.”¬†¬†They’re 12 years apart in age.

8) Jaci Velasquez got divorced; then she ends up marrying Nic Gonzales of “Salvador.”

7) Ray “Thank You” Boltz was beloved by Christian churches in the 1990s with his worshipful songs; now he’s a proud gay man and plays gay-friendly churches.

6) Anthony Evans is the son of Tony Evans, the famous Christian pastor. After a so-so career in Christian music, he recently ended up on NBC’s “The Voice,” with Cee-Lo Green and Christina Aguilera and many other mainstream singers; however, he got ousted from the show rather quickly, so maybe mainstream music stardom is not in the cards for him– maybe he could switch from singing to preaching?

5) Peter Furler “steps up to the microphone” as Newsboys’ lead singer– he used to be their drummer– and then he leaves the band, to be replaced by… Michael Tait, the black guy from Christian music’s other supergroup– the now defunct d.c. Talk.

4) Jennifer Knapp, whom so many people respected as a thoughtful songwriter, comes out as a lesbian. Christian music fans had been wondering, “What happened to her?” since she was off the music industry radar screen for years. Well, now you know why!

3) Grammy-winning Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman suffered an unthinkable tragedy when his 5-year-old daughter was killed in an accident involving her brother.

2) Joy Williams was a young girl making “Christian music” CDs, poised to be the next Amy Grant– Queen of Christian music. However, she veered over to Country music as a duo called The Civil Wars, and she just won two Grammys and is now respected by hipsters in Brooklyn. Didn’t see that coming!

1) Katy Perry used to be Katy Hudson, making “Christian music.” Now, as you probably know, she became one of the world’s biggest singing stars with a little ditty proclaiming, “I kissed a girl and I liked it!” People wonder “is she still a Christian?” The Bible Thumpers would say, “No way.” The liberals would say, “Once saved, always saved. She’s just backslidden at the moment.”


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