Labelling a band as a Christian band

I grew up on popular music– I did not grow up on Christian music. It wasn’t until college, when my InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff worker, Dale Young, put a pile of Christian music CDs on a table and told us to take whatever we wanted that I first really, truly heard “Christian music.” Sure, I heard and sang songs in church before that, and I did know a band named the Newsboys and a country girl named Amy Grant existed, but “Rebecca St. James,” with her declarative “Here I Am” CD, was something new for me!

Fast forward to 2012, and Christian music is past its peak– somewhere in the mid-1990s, Christian music was all the rage within Christian churchgoing circles, but then the world changed– Obama got elected, everyone got free downloads of songs instead of buying “old-fashioned” CDs, and CCM magazine went from print to digital only…and right now, people are STILL having the conversation in their youth groups and around their dinner tables: “Is that band Christian?” Or a variation: “I ONLY listen to CHRISTIAN music.” Well, Blimey Cow has made a GREAT video about this whole subject, and you’re welcome to leave a comment after watching it:


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