Gay Christian Gospel artists: Jennifer Knapp, Ray Boltz and Tonex

Gay_Christian_Gospel_ArtistsGay Christian Gospel artists? There are plenty. It has been said that there are a lot of closeted gay people in Christian and black Gospel music, and it’s rare for any of them to come out because it could mean career suicide. After all, the main thing American Christians are known for these days is their “disdain” for homosexuals. Interestingly, Marsha Stevens, the mother of contemporary Christian music who got her start in the early 1970s,  is a lesbian and runs Born Again Lesbian Music (BALM). Wow. Most people today don’t know who Stevens is, but if they were into Christian and Gospel music in the 1990s, they know of three major artists who’ve since come out of the closet: Jennifer Knapp, Ray Boltz, and Tonex, now “re-branded” as “B-Slade.” Below you’ll see Knapp’s interview on Larry King Live, followed by a music video from Ray Boltz showing lots of same-sex kissing, and then an interview with Tonex, sporting a look that would definitely raise eyebrows in most places. Nowadays, these artists are beloved by gay fans, both Christian and secular, and not as beloved by “mainstream” churches who used to invite them in to play music and talk to their audiences. Did you “used to” listen to these artists but now do not? Do you think they can be both gay and Christian? Leave your comments.

Jennifer Knapp

Ray Boltz



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4 thoughts on “Gay Christian Gospel artists: Jennifer Knapp, Ray Boltz and Tonex”

  1. The “king” of Gospel, James Cleveland was definitely gay. There are others, but I don’t want to gossip or make assumptions. Tonex was under scrutiny for many years and talked about being delivered in “The Children’s Bread” : “You say you were born that way/my God doesn’t make mistakes/….deliverance is the children’s bread”. So sad, he didn’t heed the very song that God gave him (and my favorite ever since attending the live recording of “Out the Box”).

    I like all three of the aforementioned artists and pray that the Lord arrest them and bring them back into the fold. If he can deliver Donnie McClurkin, it’s possible for the others.

  2. ROMANS 1
    “They gave up the truth about God for a lie, and they worshipped God’s creation instead of God, who will be praised for ever. Amen.
    God let them follow their own evil desires. Women no longer wanted to have sex in a natural way, and they did things with each other that were not natural. Men behaved in the same way. They stopped wanting to have sex with women and had strong desires for sex with other men. They did shameful things with each other, and what has happened to them is punishment for their foolish deeds. (Romans 1:25-27 CEVUK)

    Christian and gay? I don’t think so.
    We love everyone. Jesus is the Lord of all, but it’s just sad that these people have chosen to compromise… I hope their understanding and eyes be opened and clear again.

  3. NuWine Press, the all-inclusive and lgbt-affirming voice of indie Christian publishing will be so happy when people stop asking IF you can be gay AND Christian. We already are. We’re here, we’re queer, and many of us love Jesus whether organized religion appreciates it or not. (And guess what, Jesus loves us too!) Jennifer Knapp wrote the forward to our poetry anthology: “Raw: Finding a Way from Conflict to Revelation” (find it on Amazon).

  4. It might help if all of us would realize that sexuality and gender is not a digital ON/OFF switch. Like all human characteristics, sexuality is complex, and distributed and developed in a variety of ways amongst us… Recall the Bell Curve from your high school biology classes.

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