Canada’s Kassie Tyers appears on 100 Huntley Street

One day at Kingdom Bound Christian music festival in Upstate New York, a young lady named Kassie Tyers came up to me to introduce herself. She stood out from the crowd with her genuine self-assuredness and confidence. She seemed like the kind of person others would look up to, and, indeed, I came to find out she’s a very active music maker who ministers to lots of people, especially young ladies.

Kassie Tyers is in her mid-20s, and lives in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. She has two CDs available, including her self-titled debut, and a stunning one full of gentle lullabies called “Sing You To Sleep,” which I’d recommend you buy if you or someone you know loves to listen to relaxing music at night. Additionally, Kassie’s taking pre-orders for her new release coming soon; it’s called “Blue Socks.” You can learn more at her very nice website,

Known for her love of pumpkins, Kassie also enjoys crazy sports, making movies, and “being goofy.” You’ll often find her walking around with bare feet. She’s a well-rounded young lady– down-to-earth, humble, and friendly. Think of it this way– if you had a teenage daughter, you’d want Kassie Tyers mentoring her.

This month, Kassie Tyers is appearing on Canada’s 100 Huntley Street (like The 700 Club); that is a major achievement for an independent artist. —Mark Weber



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One thought on “Canada’s Kassie Tyers appears on 100 Huntley Street”

  1. Super cool to see you blogging about her. She’s an awesome person! She was apart of an organization called Beautiful Unique Girl. A friend of mine and her were on the same team, so I had the opportunity to sit and meet her.

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