Lulu Roman At Last

English: Lulu Roman performing in 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Half a decade ago, I had the pleasure of having lunch in Nashville with Lulu Roman. She was as down-to-earth and nice as you’d imagine. It was like spending time with one’s favorite aunt. She had a lot of energy and wasn’t afraid to laugh. She told me about her weight loss, and I was really impressed. If you met her, you’d have a hard time not loving Lulu. The dynamic woman I met in person looked a lot different than she used to back in the 1980s– take a look at her singing about a “never ending shopping list” in 1987 on PTL for their New Year’s show:

Lulu Roman was best known for appearing on the long-running Country song “Hee Haw.” She was “the fat girl,” but since then, she has improved her health and dropped several dress sizes (size 58 to 14!)– more than 200 pounds. Now in her 60s, she feels rejuvenated. See the 700 Club/CBN video here–

Lulu is still singing, and her most recent music is some of her best. Here she is practicing the old 1950s classic, “You Don’t Know Me.” Her latest album, “At Last,” is a collection of standards.

And, by the way, Lulu Roman is still singing Christian music, like this catchy song, “Building Up The Wall.”

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