Introducing Brothers McClurg music

Brothers_McClurg_musicBrothers McClurg music took years to develop.

A long time ago, Anthony and Chris Hoisington’s relatives toured sharing the Gospel through music; they were known as “The McClurg Family Singers.” Anthony and Chris have been making music since their teen years at Evangel Assembly of God in a suburb of Buffalo. Eventually, they formed two rock groups, which later morphed into an organic collection of musicians and singers known as Relevant Worship. I know all of this because they’re friends of mine. What happened next was this: they played a lot of gigs around Upstate New York and Pennsylvania for about a decade, and gained quite a following of fans. Chris, the one with the big, giant hair, once invited me over to listen to Emmylou Harris records, and to watch a Hillsong United DVD. Anthony, the one without much hair, became a worship leader at a church in Batavia, New York, east of Buffalo. Relevant Worship played gig after gig after gig, and became especially beloved at Kingdom Bound Christian music festival near Buffalo. Integrity Music came along, checked out the band, and after some adjustments, signed the band, allowing them to “go national.”

Brothers_McClurg_musicSo, the boys from Buffalo now known as Brothers McClurg music (because if you type in “Relevant Worship” in google, too many other choices would pop up, whereas if you type in “Brothers McClurg,” BOOM, they pop up) are excited about the Integrity Music release of their EP known as “Alive.” This collection of six songs includes “Just Say,” co-written with Paul Baloche.

Joining the Hoisingtons in making Brothers McClurg music are Matt Poulsen (guitar), Dan Swain (bass), Justin Michau (guitar) and Peter Bordin (drums). On occasion, they are also joined by their sound technician Karl Maciag filling in on lead guitar or their friend Ed Chilungu on keys.

Chris Hoisington sums it up well: “Brothers McClurg is a traveling version of your church’s worship team, with many players and faces each adding to what God is doing in times of worship.”

Discover Brothers McClurg music here.


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