Lakewood Church’s Da’dra Crawford Greathouse offers a note of encouragement

If you were a fan of the Christian music group Anointed in the 1990s, you’ll be happy to know that Anointed’s Da’dra Crawford Greathouse is living a blessed life as one of the worship leaders at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, where Joel Osteen preaches. Da’dra recently shared a note of encouragement; here it is. —Mark Weber

Hey, Everybody! Have you all been working out? I’m being obedient and staying off my leg as much as possible. But, I must say, God has me right where He wants me…to Himself. So, it has been good being still. Have you ever noticed that in order to be energized to accomplish all God created you to accomplish in life, you have to be still, get quiet and listen first? Listen to what? Listen to that still small voice that calls to you and reminds you of what and who you are. Listen to what He’s speaking through His word and what He is speaking directly to you.

I specifically heard today that you don’t have to strive to become something. You are something now. You are already what He created you to be. Just be it. See yourself already as being that…whatever it is…because God has already placed everything you need inside of you. For example, I think the story of Olympian Gabby Douglas is so inspiring. She was sitting at home watching the Olympics and said, “I think I can do that.” She already saw herself as capable of doing what she saw. It is more than obvious that it was in her already. You and I have to do the same thing. We have to have a vision of ourselves that matches the vision that God has of us. And, that vision will propel us forward into manifesting in this realm all of who we already are. But, first, you have to see yourself as you already are. You are already a doctor. You are already an attorney, successful in business, ministry and missions. You are now a mother. You are now a wife. You are now a husband. That is who you are now. If you see yourself now the way others will see you in the future, then you will be able to move to the next step.

After Gabby realized who she was, she saw someone doing what she was born to do and it stirred up the gift in her. Then, she went about formulating a plan to cultivate what was already in her. This is the second step. She moved away to train with her coach, practiced endless hours and dedicated herself to cultivating the Olympian within. And the rest is Olympic history.

And so it is with you. Have you ever watched someone operating in their gift and you got excited? A stirring occurred or a strong desire to do the same welled up inside of you? That’s because when you have something in you that God placed there and you see others with similar callings, you make each other’s baby’s leap. Remember, Mary’s and Elizabeth’s experience? When Mary conceived she went to visit her cousin in Luke 1 and the bible says that at the sound of Mary’s voice, the baby inside of Elizabeth leaped and she was filled with the Holy Spirit. Why? There was a connection between John the Baptist and the messiah. They both would proclaim the kingdom. And, John would be the forerunner to Jesus. Just like the relay in the Olympics. I won’t go there. I will start preaching about that, too.

But here’s my point: If you don’t believe you can be all of what God called you to be, you won’t. But, if you can catch a glimpse of who you already are and begin to implement a plan to bring out your gifts and talents to bless others, then you will be later who you are right now. It’s just that simple. You are not becoming a pastor, teacher, minister, singer, worship leader, entrepreneur, writer, actress/actor, stylist, athlete, financier, lawyer, accountant, counselor, director or manager. You already are one. It’s in you now. You just need to cultivate your gifts, bloom where you are planted and let God open the doors so that you will manifest later who you already are now. I didn’t mean to write all of this. But, this is what was on my mind. I hope this makes since to you. LOL Love ya. –Da’dra


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