Gospel singer Vicki Yohe’s secret to weight loss

Vicki Yohe
Vicki Yohe in 2012

Gospel singer Vicki Yohe’s secret to weight loss?

“One thing I have learned on this two year weight loss journey is 3 meals a day is TOO MUCH FOOD!!!! I choose 2 Meals a day… It varies daily…. We eat TOO OFTEN… I only eat fruit if it’s after 6:00… I have learned to think before I eat ; I don’t eat because it’s that time of day everyone eats… I ask myself.. Vicki, are u hungry? I now EAT to LIVE not LIVE to EAT!”

Vicki has dropped 40 pounds, and plans to lose another 17. She tours all over, especially in the Southern states; her homebase is Baton Rouge, Louisiana/Nashville, Tennessee, and she also opened an orphanage that takes care of 42 kids in the African country of Uganda. Though she’s on-the-go a lot, that doesn’t mean she resorts to eating junk food.

“I treat myself to 1 dessert a week; it’s usually on Sunday… I have no other sugar during the week.. No sweetner of any kind, just natural sugar in fruit…”

Vicki Yohe, the mother of two boys, recently released her 10th CD, “I’m At Peace,” available through her website, www.vickiyohe.org. She recently sang the song “Saturate,” from that project, along with an oldie but goodie: “In The Presence of Jehovah,” on TCT’s “I’m Just Sayin’,” with Pastor Dan Willis. On that excellent show, she mentioned that she has been on the road singing for 21 years now. Vicki also said something you need to think about: “Worship is for Him and The Word is for us.” I’ll leave you with that nugget of gold. –Mark Weber


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2 thoughts on “Gospel singer Vicki Yohe’s secret to weight loss”

  1. Such an annointing over you, from our Father..I need to lose weight as well, it is tough..maybe I don’t have enough faith? Today I heard your songs for the first time, brought me to tears and my knees! I love it. You look amazing, I need to lose at lease 40lbs , my willpower is not that great. Help!

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