Gospel artist Earnest Pugh signs Vincent Tharpe and Kenosis to EPM Music Group

Photo: Left to Right: Keith Williams, President of EPM Music Group; Vincent Tharpe (new artist); Earnest Pugh, Founder & CEO of EPM Music Group

It’s official– Gospel artist Earnest Pugh has signed Vincent Tharpe and his group, Kenosis, to EPM Music Group. Recently they met up at Pursuit of God Church in Memphis (where Kenosis was performing) and they traded signatures on a new contract.

The dynamic gospel ensemble will release its new CD, “Live in Memphis”, on October 30, 2012, and the radio single, “Thank You, Lord,” is beginning to make noise on Gospel music radio stations.

“Vincent and his group recently teamed up with me at the Gospel Superfest TV taping where we shared the stage to sing my song, `I Need Your Glory’,” says Pugh. “They did what they do and `brought it’ in a major way and I wanted to give them this opportunity to `bring it’ on a national level. I’m very optimistic about their ministry because they manage to attract young adults, but they are also seasoned enough to capture the attention of the mature church crowd as well.”

For more information on Vincent Tharpe & Kenosis and other EPM Music Group acts, visit www.epmmusicgroup.com. —Mark Weber


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