Introducting Andrea Hamilton and her hopeful piano pop

And now for something a little different on Christian Music Makers: Andrea Hamilton. She does a nice song called “Hold Back The Waters” that has an interesting behind-the-scenes story:

“Thank you so much to all the people that have left me nice notes and messages about my song “Hold Back the Waters.” It really means a lot that it’s touched you and hopefully helped you in a small way. I wrote the song when I was between places to live – I had just found out I had a stalker and had to leave my Pasadena apartment ASAP. One night I found myself staying in this house in Compton owned by an old Minnesotan lady I’d never met. It had bars on the windows and way too many mouse noises going on in the walls, but it also had this insanely cool old grand piano in the front room. All by myself and slightly shaken from the events of that week, I wrote this as a song-prayer that God would take the wheel, protect me, and help me get to where I was supposed to be next. He did 🙂 I moved in with some incredible people including my co-writer Jess Penner and never saw that stalker dude again.

Learn more about her at


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