Time magazine spotlights the dominance of Christian music

English: Toby Mac

Here at ChristianMusicMakers.com sometimes it feels like Christian music is AAA baseball, instead of Major League. After all, the artists singing about Jesus aren’t usually taken seriously by the mainstream, and if you ask around, most people won’t know who or what “Third Day” or “Casting Crowns” is.

However, something is going on with the world right now that is causing overtly Christian music makers, the kind that mention Jesus and faith and being born again, to not just have mainstream hits, but to top the mainstream sales’ charts. Case in point? Time magazine has a major article this month about Christian music and how TobyMac’s “Eye On It” album debuted at #1– not just on Christian charts, but the overall album chart! Then, recently, Lecrae, the Christian hip-hop artist, took his sixth album, “Gravity,” to #3 on the overall album sales’ chart. For the longest time, the mainstream album charts have been dominated by vulgar rappers and/or teen pop tarts and/or angry white rock bands and/or sentimental-yet-tough Country singers…so TobyMac and Lecrae are FINALLY, after years and years of touring and promotion, getting their just due. Now the big TV shows will have them on; they’ll get written about on all websites, not just Christian-themed ones. This is a major breakthrough for overtly Christian music makers in America– way to go!


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