Lisa Keith makes Bible songs for kids

Lisa Keith is one of those singers who you don’t know, but I wish you did. I think she’s fantastic. In the early 1990s, she worked with famous pop and R&B producers to make a superb album called “Walkin’ In The Sun.” The last song on the 1993 album, “Adonai,” was so stunning and powerful that I brought it to an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship meeting at college a couple years later, and played it for a time of prayer and reflection. Lisa was, at the time, not known as a “Christian artist.” She wasn’t making music for the Christian music scene. However, with that “Adonai” song, I got the impression that she was singing about God and I liked it. At the time, she hit the Top 40 mainstream pop charts with another song off the album, called “Better Than You.” I was a college DJ at the time, and would play this song on my show over and over and over again because it made me feel good.

Even though she had some success back then, her career never fully “took off” the way it coulda/shoulda/woulda. But, thanks to Facebook, I found out Lisa has been singing soulfully near Minneapolis, Minnesota for a while now, and she and her husband, who have been married since 1990, have created a collection of–get this– Bible-inspired songs for kids and their parents to enjoy. It’s about time I had some new Lisa Keith music! It makes me very happy to know Lisa is still singing, and I’m encouraged to see she’s singing spiritual songs these days.

“Our prayer is that parents will find these songs helpful for their children to become familiar with some important Bible verses,” says Spencer Bernard, Lisa’s husband. “It was recorded very simply, with Garageband and a couple inexpensive mics. My wife Lisa sings lead, along with Kaela, Lizzy, Zoe, Maria, Kallie, Rosey, Ellie, Audrey, Cora. I sing some backgrounds, along with playing the instruments. The project was mixed by Dan Dybing. This album was a labor of love.”

Any “tips” received for the download(s) will be donated to “Kids Against Hunger” in care of Evergreen Community Church in Bloomington, Minnesota, where Spencer is a music maker and pastor.

You can listen to/download the album, called “WORDology,” here. –Mark Weber


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