Introducing Antony Bitar

With a piano, an opera degree and a bible, Antony Bitar is taking the contemporary music world for all it has, belting out soulful and profound melody that is wise beyond his years. His new single, “Turn Around” is a stripped down piano ballad inspired by past relationships and the strength to move on. The music video takes a bare bones approach with a deep look into the recording process emphasizing Antony’s powerfully commanding vocal ability. “Turn Around” is full of raw emotion; a true showcase of musicianship without frills.

“My new single is probably the song I’m most proud of writing ever. I poured out every last little bit of emotion I had in me for that song. It’s a breakup song; it’s about having put so much into your end of the relationship and never seeing anything come back. It’s a reflection on any relationship that I’ve ever had.” says Antony.

Growing up singing in church choir and acting in school plays, Antony always knew that music was the path for him. After the passing of his grandfather, Antony sat down at a piano and began to play. It came so naturally and easy for him that his future became certain. “I literally cannot walk past a piano without playing it,” he says. In September of 2011 he released his self-titled debut album and played countless shows in New York, LA and D.C.  Antony also co-wrote the first single for Melissa Gorga from Real Housewives of New Jersey called “On Display” which charted on iTunes.

Antony Bitar’s new single for “Turn Around” will be available on October 23rd and the video will have its world premiere exclusively on October 22nd.


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