Canadian Christian Country singer Dianne Wirtz in her own words

You have to hear the song at 7:48 in the video above– it’s about joints, cocaine, getting high, needles, booze, pills and more, in a Country music way! Dianne Wirtz is a Canadian Christian singer who ministers in prisons and other places. In this article, she tells you about her experiences in her own words:

I started singing at the age of 5-years-old. My father had a band and on weekends he would let me sing with them. When I was 8-years-old, my father, who worked in the Air Force, transferred to West Germany where we would live for the next four years. At the age of 12, we moved back to New Brunswick but my father got transferred again, this time to Cold Lake, Alberta. There was a group from the television show “The Funny Farm Show” who were singing on the base there. I had an opportunity to sing with their band called “Prairie Fire.” They invited me to go to Edmonton, Alberta, where they were going to do a television program for the Variety Club Telethon. It was my first experience on television at the age of 17. I got to meet Jamie Farr from the television show Mash, and Shari Lewis and Lamp Chop, and the Alan Sisters from the Tommy Hunter show and Skyles and Henderson. It was a fabulous experience for me and it gave me a chance to go in the recording studio with Prairie Fire and see what it was all about.

However, life was about to change course for me. I had married and after a few months of marriage we were expecting a baby! When I was in my eighth month of pregnancy the baby died. My brother, who was 18, died in a motorcycle accident, and then my mother died followed by my grandmother– she was the first person in my life to introduce me to Jesus. I was so distressed with all this grief that I could no longer function physically as I was so worn out. I wanted to end my life but I didn’t have the nerve to do it. I thought about what would be the easiest way to go. Jesus showed me that I may have lost all those that I loved, but I hadn’t lost His Love! I clung on to that Hope as I was about to find out what it really meant. I was attacked one night. The man had a steel baseball bat and was choking me. I was starting to black out and cried out to God to save me! The man started to mock God and said, “Lets see if your God can save you now.” All of a sudden his eyes rolled weird and he passed out! I escaped and realized that God had saved my life that night.

I have been the director for Prison Ministries for 17 years and also work with helping to get young girls off the street. I have dedicated a portion of the sales from my CD to the Elizabeth Fry Society and the Women’s Shelter, to help abused women and children receive counseling. God is leading! Don’t ever give up, for God promises He will give us the desires of our heart if we just trust and believe in His Word. He has done that for me! This CD is a blessing from God as I could not have made it without His help. My prayer is that through the songs that I have written and the songs that I sing, that you will know that you are loved by a wonderful Savior who cares so very much for you!

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