Christian music’s first black female-fronted white rock band: Submission Red

Here is something you never, ever, ever see in Christian music, ever: a black female-fronted white rock band. The band, Submission Red, is fronted by Yvonne Winfrey (any relation to Oprah??) If you like Flyleaf or Skillet, you just might like Submission Red.

Yvonne Winfrey isn’t just a singer; she has fostered over 90 children in the past 7 years and has two adopted sons who travel with the band! She, and the band, inspire foster parents all over the world.

As for the band’s name, Submission Red means to submit to the red letters in the Bible. Submission Red believes that Jesus’ words will always be relevant and believes that the world would be a better place if people applied His teachings to their daily lives. Submission Red’s goal is to follow in His footsteps as fishers of men while they hit the streets with their relevant music.

Definitely unique in Christian music–heck, unique in music, period!


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