Jenny Simmons’ “The Becoming”

Jenny Simmons and her daughter Annie
Jenny Simmons and her daughter Annie

For a long time, the Christian music industry offered a “Christian version” of a secular artist. So Kathy Troccoli was like Cher. Newsboys were like U2. And Tonex was like Prince.

I’m listening to Jenny Simmons CD, “The Becoming,” due out in February 2013. She reminds me of a Christian version of Colbie Caillat. This is not a bad thing. I think Jenny’s music will appeal to a lot of young married Christian women with a husband and a kid.

Jenny Simmons used to be part of the band Addison Road, which signed to INO Records in 2007. The band was best known for the song “All That Matters,” and parted ways in 2012. Jenny’s still singing, though, and her “solo debut” is a combination of modern country music (“Come Healing,” “The Becoming”) and “CCM”– the pop/rock sound with a Nashville beat that you hear incessantly on Christian radio stations.

My favorite song on Jenny’s CD is called “This I Know,” and if you like the island-reggae sound of Jason Mraz’ “I’m Yours,” you’ll like this cool song. “This I Know,” if it didn’t talk about Jesus’ love, could easily be a secular adult contemporary hit single!


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