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Daniel Peter music maker
Daniel Peter’s new R&B album “For The Life of Me” will delight your ears!

Out of Southern California comes a new Christian music maker you should know. His name is Daniel Peter, and his new R&B album, “For the Life of Me,” caught ChristianMusicMakers.com’s attention. Peter’s new single, “I Wouldn’t Change a Thing,” releases February 26th on iTunes, Amazon and in stores. Hear it here and then agree that it “sounds like Lionel Richie singing about the Lord!”

Daniel Peter brings a refreshing sound to the Christian and Gospel music market. Having produced, written, arranged, and mixed the music himself, Daniel Peter proves that he is talented at many things, and the listener will be able to tell they’re hearing someone for whom music is a passion and a calling. Furthermore, guitar work on the album comes compliments of Tim Stewart, who plays with Lady Gaga, and has worked with Jennifer Hudson, American Idol Live, Mary J. Blige and other famous music makers.

Daniel Peter grew up as the son of a preacher, watching his dad, The Reverend David Hernandez, Sr., build his own church community, leading worship from the organ and preaching every Sunday. His music was influenced by the church, and about the album, Daniel Peter says, “It is a celebration of relationships and the ups and downs of life as filtered through a belief in something greater. It is musical gratitude. But the lyrics can be understood from any filter.”

Connect with Daniel Peter on Facebook here.


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