Shekinah Glory Ministry’s Kim Stratton comes from a place of truth

The gold-selling Chicago ensemble Shekinah Glory Ministry is known around the globe for its signature praise and worship anthems like “Praise Is What I Do,” “Yes,” “Just For Me” and “Jesus.” However, the acclaimed aggregation is offering its listening audience a unique new dimension to praise and worship with the new single “Broken” that emanates from its latest Top 10 CD and companion DVD “Surrender” that are available on iTunes, Amazon mp3 and in brick and mortar retail chains everywhere.

“It was my story and the stories of a lot of other church leaders,” says veteran gospel singer Kim Stratton who wrote the song and sings it on the project. “I combined my story and their stories to make this story. Many times, leaders give everything they have for the sake of ministry and then we go home empty.”

That’s what happened to the Chicago native who hit the musical scene with her 1994 debut CD “I’m In This Place” which earned Stellar, Dove and Grammy Award nominations. Ever since then, Stratton’s consistently worked on stage, behind the pulpit and in the community (just recently she and Jennifer Hudson did a Salvation Army event together). However, in the process of her ministerial duties, Stratton became mentally fatigued from the demands of her avocation and her 23-year marriage ended in divorce.

“I was just tired and about ready to quit and God said `You can’t quit,’” Stratton confesses. So, she used “Broken” as a means to vent about her predicament and the frustration is clear in verses such as these:

I’ve got something to say not sure where I start
I’m afraid to begin, it’s all falling apart
See, I thought because I was working for You
Everything wrong, You would undo but it wasn’t quite true

Stratton says, “People don’t realize the Enemy [Devil] goes after church leaders and if he can get them, then he can get the masses and can split the body of Christ.” She’s also philosophical and now accepts challenge as a part of her spiritual evolution.  “I’ve learned that God can use broken people better than whole people,” she adds. “The process hurts but before it’s all said and done, I’m going to embarrass the devil [by triumphing over these obstacles] for ever coming after me.”

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