Christian music maker Cheri Keaggy talks about divorce

The Cheri Keaggy divorce is not something you’d wish for a Christian singer…Christian music maker Cheri Keaggy is the niece of Phil Keaggy. Cheri Keaggy has a vibrant ministry, recently signing an agreement with Elevate Entertainment for exclusive distribution of her current CD, “So I Can Tell.” Cheri Keaggy also sang songs on TBN’s “Praise The Lord” program, and got to chat with fellow singer Jason Crabb in between songs. Plus, she opened for Phil Keaggy at shows in Indiana. Perhaps the biggest news is that she shares her testimony thru “Living Again: Wholeness After Divorce.” See a bit about that here:

Phil Keaggy and Cheri Keaggy

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One thought on “Christian music maker Cheri Keaggy talks about divorce”

  1. Dear Cheri

    This is such a lovely song. I went through a divorce after 22 years of marriage and I fully relate to what you are saying. At the time I never felt more insecure in all of my life. The same insecure feelings which I once felt in a dark period of my childhood, came back to me again after all those years and there was such a grief in my heart which I couldn’t explain. Thank God that wasn’t the end. Today I am very happily married married to a wonderful Christian husband and it is well with my soul..

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