Hillsong songwriter Russell Fragar finally releases solo project

To those who loved Hillsong’s music through the 1990s, this is the news you’ve been waiting for!

Russell Fragar, the man behind that famous era, has released his first solo project, and while the style is more contemporary, the heart of the music carries the same authenticity of those early songs.

Fragar produced Hillsong’s first ten live worship albums including Shout to the Lord, and wrote many of the songs that are still popular across the globe today – like Holy Spirit Rain Down, Love You So Much, So You Would Come and Church on Fire.

After moving to the USA in 2001 and then taking on the role of music pastor at Life Church in Washington DC, Fragar decided the time was right to create his own project.

The result is ‘Worship Now’ – an earthy, pure sound that connects the soul with the creator.

Fragar describes it as “more of a laid back, thoughtful worship album than a raging praise epic.”

“Lots of ups and downs, breathing space, layers and moments,” he explained.

From the opening title track, it’s clear this is different from the grunge style of worship seen over recent years. In fact it’s different from any major offering – which is what makes Worship Now an album that stands out.

This album may be unique but it’s also heavyweight in terms of music credibility, with powerful vocals from daughter Michelle – formerly with Hillsong UNITED – and Jordan Baird, who has toured with Jonas Brothers. Kimi Martin and Josh Baird also feature.

Fragar says he enjoyed making an album without the pressure of competing in a commercial market place or pleasing a record company.

“I’m determined to just let the songs lead the way in terms of what they wanted to become. I was able to let the songs speak for themselves and let the worship be worship.”

“I really enjoyed the simplicity and transparency of it.”

‘Worship Now’ is available through iTunes and Amazon.


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