Erica Campbell too sexy for Christian music?


Christian music fans are not pleased with Erica Campbell’s recent Instagram pic showing off her curvy figure. Campbell, whom many know as one half of the group Mary Mary, is getting ready to release her solo album in 2014 and the photo (above) shows off something rarely seen in Gospel music: a sexy body in tight, form-fitting clothing.

Mary Mary first gained people’s attention over a decade ago with their song, “Shackles,” which was both a black Gospel hit and a hit in “the clubs.” The duo went on to much success in both the Gospel and mainstream markets, culminating in their reality TV show on WeTV, which showed the good, the bad and the ugly of what it’s like to be “Mary Mary.”

Reality TV tends to ruin people’s lives, because producers, no matter how good intentioned, are usually just using their subjects to exploit them for one thing: money. And money comes from ratings, and ratings come from dramatic conflict. So that means showing more of the bad and the ugly than the good.

Erica Campbell lives in Los Angeles– not Nashville or Detroit or some other place. And L.A. is, well, L.A. It’s where image often matters more than substance. Now Erica is trying to bring both style and substance to people through the way she presents herself and through her songs. But you know how the Christians can get, don’t you? There are some strict-types who are NOT feelin’ this curvy look.

Read some of the comments found on the Internet about Erica’s sexy look and you’ll discover two polar extreme reactions: some say they wish they looked that good and could pull off wearing a nice outfit like that, while others quote 1 Timothy 2:9, which says women should wear modest apparel, dress decently, and not draw attention to oneself.

Most men who see the sexy pic of Erica Campbell are going to lust. She’s got the big boobs and the hourglass figure, and she’s not afraid to look “cute,” as she said in her recent Inside Edition interview. What she considers cute is what a lot of men would consider hot-n-sexy.

What do you think? Is Erica Campbell heading in a bad direction with her career, where the focus is much more on her than it is on Jesus? Or are you fine with her covered up but tight fitting look these days? Can a Christian music maker dress sexy?


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