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February 2, 2014

Happy birthday to me!

It never occurred to me that I might actually celebrate turning 57 (gasp). I thought that I would be in sensible shoes by now, knitting and compulsively watching—well, as my father used to say regarding television—anything that flickered. Actually I am knitting and watching TV—although I like to think that this is not your grandmother’s knitting and that my viewing is more selective.

But I have found this period of my life to be especially satisfying and engaging. Some of this is the activity and response generated by Little Black Sheep. I knew that if I actually started and finished writing a book I would be revitalized by the sheer tenacity of it—regardless of whether it had any merit. But I was unprepared for all the new avenues that have opened up for me because of it. And—not the least of these are internal. I have always been a creature of habit and even more so in addiction recovery. I love order, structure and “sameness.” These things create boundaries of comfort and security for me. But the advent of something new in my life has revived what was already there and given me a feeling of openness to possibility: What other new things might I get into?

I remember playing at a retreat at Laity Lodge a number of years ago when Gordon MacDonald was the speaker. Gordon has been a noted pastor and best-selling author for over 40 years. He has advised U.S. Presidents and provided leadership to organizations like Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and Christianity Today. At the time of the retreat I think he was in his early 70s and at one point he said emphatically that he felt he was just now entering into the purpose and mission that he was created for.

Now I think I understand a little of what he was saying. One of the profound benefits of age is that the little things that used to sink me no longer matter. That, combined with experience and the empty nest that greeted us this past September has created some large and lovely space to pour myself into—and out of.

I’ve even started doing my hair…

There are lots of dates this spring, including trips to California, Texas, Florida and Canada. Hope to see you there.



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