CURE U and The Vespers

Cross-country campus network CURE U has joined forces with southern roots/Americana band The Vespers to spread the word about CURE International.

The “CURE U Roadtrip Tour” will travel through several cities across the Southeast this Spring, aiming to showcase the lives that have been impacted around the world through the life-saving work of the organization and impress upon audiences how much more can be done. In addition to the tour, CURE U has partnered with NoiseTrade to offer the Roadtrip Compilation, featuring songs from artists performing on the tour. All proceeds from the tour, tips from the NoiseTrade downloads and sales from Roadtrip Tour merchandise will go directly to funding the work of CURE.  Full details of the Spring Roadtrip and CURE U can be found at

The CURE U Roadtrip Tour includes:
March 27 // Waco, TX
March 31 // Milledgeville, GA
April 1 // Gainesville, FL
April 2 // Columbia, SC
April 3 // Knoxville, TN
April 4 // Auburn, AL
April 5 // Clemson, SC
April 7 // Boone, NC
April 8 // Charlottesville, VA
April 9 // Mechanicsburg, PA
April 10 // Lynchburg, VA
April 12 // Marion, IN
April 13 // Nashville, TN

The Roadtrip Compilation can be downloaded HERE.


A Southern roots family reunion, The Vespers are uniquely made up of two sibling duos: the Cryar sisters and the Jones brothers. The four have distinguished their sound with an arsenal of acoustic instruments and harmonies only siblings can create. Their showmanship generates a roller coaster of sight, sound, and emotion and their inherent chemistry and instrumental versatility continues to set them apart. The band has independently released two full-length records and left a reputable impression on both Americana and Christian audiences. They have toured all over the United States in their short 3 years, playing all different environments from colleges and festivals to listening rooms and theaters.


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