Derek Webb divorce

According to Derek Webb’s tumblr page:

From Derek and Sandra, to our friends, colleagues and supporters:

We come to you today with heavy hearts to tell you that after thirteen years, our marriage is coming to an end. This has been a difficult and painful decision, one that has been arrived at through months of hard work and counsel. While we both acknowledge our own human sinfulness, Derek has taken full responsibility for the events which led to this decision. We are grateful for the support of our families and community, and we ask for your prayers and for your respecting our family’s privacy during this difficult time.


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12 thoughts on “Derek Webb divorce”

  1. Sad news. Hopefully people will respect their privacy and keep speculations, questions, and rumors at rest. Divorce can be crushing. Sometimes isolating. Prayers for both of them and their family.

  2. Thank you for your honesty. But, do you both realize that because of your publicity, it makes it easier for married couples dealing with difficulties to simply conclude that divorce is the best/easiest option? I wish you would have worked harder*, and then worked harder, and then worked harder, and then worked harder, and then worked harder, and then worked harder, and then worked harder, and then worked harder, and then worked harder, and then worked harder, and then worked harder, and then worked harder,until death did you part, like you said…….. but I guess something else became more important?

    *”worked harder” in the sense that both of your pursued the Lord’s purpose for his kingdom–obviously you wouldn’t share what came between you, but presumably you thought your vows were nullified because you felt that the Father’s purposes could not be reconciled within your relationship. It’s sad, and cheap.

  3. i’m glad that God is the final judge in every situation not the previous person who commented who likes to judge like God does

  4. The way that I read M.K. O’Malley’s comment, he or she is not judging the couple in a way that only God could. He is expressing a deep sadness and concern for how Christians are representing the covenant of marriage both to the world and other Christians. I agree with his wish that they would have worked harder. When we enter into a marriage, God’s primary call on our lives is not “this” or “that” but to simply stay married and to strengthen and honor this union that serves as a representation of Christ and his love and commitment for the church.

    I am saddened by this, and even moreso because it comes from an individual with a platform such as Mr. Webb’s.

  5. @ Robert Dolan – so you’re saying, it’s wrong to ever think that what somebody else is doing is wrong? God may be our ultimate judge, He is not our only judge. When I got married, my pastor asked all in attendance to vow as well to be our encouragement, accountability, and sanctification. While the previous poster may only be encompassing part of the responsibility of the church without the others, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. I’m a better man each day someone tells me how to be more faithful and I choose to listen rather than say “God is my only judge”.

  6. lets not get too “religious”, “sad and cheap”, problem with “Christians” these days

  7. None of the above is uplifting or encouraging to the saints reading or respectful toward your bro and sis, derek and sandra. You can’t possibly know what goes on inside someone else’s marriage. God tells us to hear a matter out before speaking. Since you can’t hear this matter out and it’s not your business to, stop speaking.

  8. This was heavy news to digest, Derek. Confusion, surprise, anger, sadness…the full spectrum.

    There is so much music I love, but over the years you’ve continually been one of my favorites. Your music has been a huge inspiration and encouragement in my walk with Jesus and personal life struggles. I’m sure there are some complicating factors with you and Sandra, but I’m mourning with you and praying for you daily, man. Your last album was a masterpiece and you are loved greatly by your spiritual family…more importantly your Father. I’m so sorry that this is happening in your life. 😦

  9. Do we now know the real reason that Derek is wrong, sorry, and loves you? Given his recent increasing involvement and buddying with the homosexual movement, do we have insight into his discretion? I hope not.

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