The Bible in Pop Culture

When I saw the title, All You Want To Know About The Bible In Pop Culture, I was instantly intrigued being interested in both the Bible and pop culture. Of course I’d be looking for references to music groups in this new book from Kevin Harvey, and I did find some.

Chapter 1 started out talking about comic book superheroes, especially Superman. Chapter 2 covered movies like Bruce Almighty and Signs. Later chapters dealt with TV shows like Lost and Duck Dynasty.

In the old days, everyone knew the same movies and TV shows because there were only 3 or 4 major channels. Nowadays, there are so many films and shows that my guess is you haven’t seen all the aforementioned ones. I never watched Lost, so I wasn’t that interested in reading about it…

So, finally, Chapter 7 gets to music. The author talks about Egyptians, Israelites, Moses and references to singing in the Bible. Ho hum. There are some up-to-the-minute references to Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, but nothing too compelling to make me want to turn the page.

The end of the book contains trivia questions, crossword puzzles, mazes, and other games.

Who is this book aimed at? I **think** it’s written with teenagers in mind? Or is it for twentysomethings or soccer moms? Honestly, I am not sure. All You Want To Know About The Bible In Pop Culture isn’t first on my list of go-to books about Christian music versus “mainstream, secular, popular music,” but I guess it’ll find its audience. –Mark Weber,



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