The band Fireflight

Fireflight is a Christian rock band perhaps best known for their 2008 hit song, “Unbreakable.” Lately, Fireflight is excited about their new release entitled Innova, which is a Latin word meaning “renew.”

Maybe you’ve seen Fireflight at a Christian music festival before? Or you helped them fund this new album via PledgeMusic? Innova is Fireflight’s fifth album and marks their 15th year as a band.

Dawn Michele, Wendy Drennen, Glenn Drennen and Adam McMillion make up Fireflight– a band with a rock sound on songs like “We Are Alive” and “Resuscitate” and “Safety.”

“So many people live in the shadows, marginalized by a modern society that is more concerned with serving its own agenda than reaching out to those who are in need,” says Fireflight lead singer Dawn Michele, citing Psalm 46:1-3 as the inspiration for “Safety.” “Even when people let us down, we can find our safety in God. He is our ever present help in times of trouble, and we can be His hands and feet here on earth to others who are hurting.”

As with most Christian rock bands these days, Fireflight is adapting with the times by adding electronic music elements to their hard rock sound because that’s what the kids want. Technology has pretty much taken over music.

Besides “the music,” Fireflight had an interesting year because Dawn and her hubby welcomed their first baby recently. There’s no rest for Christian rock band members though as they have to go on tour and do a bunch of festivals this summer. Later on this year look for Fireflight on tour with Seventh Day Slumber.

“Every night, I see a connection happening, then I hear the stories from many fans firsthand,” says McMillion, of the band’s touring. “We are real people who deeply care about the community within our fans. More than merely making a record we’re proud of, that’s the heart of what Fireflight means to us.”


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