Izzi Ray

Izzi Ray is, according to her twitter: Singer/songwriter/artist/musician. Cat lover. Coffee snob. Breakfast enthusiast.

Izzi Ray is, according to her Facebook: an up and coming young artist with a new, fresh take on songwriting and melody. With a rich, warm, yet young and vibrant voice, Izzi brings a sweet and clear message of faith, hope and love in her songs.

Izzi Ray is, according to her publicist: daughter of Christian music veteran Crystal Lewis, and releasing a new single, “Make Much Of You,” to Christian radio today. The song, the title track and second single from her sophomore album, will be serviced to Christian CHR and AC-formatted stations by A-Sides Radio Promotion.

So what does Izzi Ray have to say about “Make Much Of You?”

“Obviously, I love this song,” Izzi Ray says. “After all, I did name my CD after it! The song says what’s in my heart and, really, what is at the core of my entire ministry. I want everything I do to make as much difference as it can for Jesus and for the Kingdom of God. I’m excited that the song is being released at radio.”

“Make Much of You” follows the first single release, “Heaven Is Your Throne,” which Ray wrote with her producer, Blaine Stark. “Heaven Is Your Throne” played on 132 radio outlets and charted at No. 1 on CRC (ChristianRadioChart.com) Weekly and No. 2 on CRC Monthly. Ray and Stark also co-wrote “Make Much Of You.”

Ray, a native of California, was born into the music-industry family of Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning artist Crystal Lewis and music producer/record label executive Brian Ray. Growing up in a family where life frequently took place on the road, Izzi Ray became acquainted with music and touring at an early age and began playing guitar and writing songs at 11. Her parents now live in Montana, though Izzi Ray, who is nearing the end of her teenage years, recently moved back to California to properly pursue her music career.

Her journey of faith also began at an early age, having met God personally at the age of 5. These days she has quite lofty ambitions.

“I want to be a voice in my generation that stirs revival,” Izzi Ray says.

See what you think of her by watching this music video of “Make Much Of You”–

Izzi Ray counts Brooke Fraser, Arctic Monkeys, and Kimbra among her influences. –Christian Music Makers

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