Karyn Williams

Karyn Williams is the Christian Katy Perry. Or at least it seems that way on the first song on her sophomore release. The song, “Running To The Sea,” could easily get soccer moms exercising at the gym with its disco beat and lyrics about surrendering to God like a river runs to the sea. I really like the song, by the way, and I’m not a soccer mom…

Karyn Williams’ latest release, Letting Go of Perfect, stands out among inspirational pop albums because of its above ordinary production value. Her producers make her songs sound a cut above the rest that are out there these days– it’s like they added little bits of spice into each song to give them extra impact.

“Head Up” follows in the Katy Perry “Running To The Sea” vein with its hand clappin’, foot stompin’ vibe. This time around, though, “Head Up” will remind you more of Shania Twain, and that’s cool, too. “Head Up” is a song presumably for Christian women to sing at conferences, church gatherings, or at home, encouraging them to hold their heads up as children of The King.

I would say Christian women in their 30s and 40s would most relate to the music of Karyn Williams. Fans of Country music, piano pop, Josh Groban, Selah, Point of Grace, Britt Nicole, and Tammy Trent should appreciate Karyn Williams.


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