Hey Girl from Nicole C. Mullen

Have you seen the latest music video from Nicole C. Mullen? The song is called “Hey Girl.” It’s definitely an up-to-date style, musically. It’s what I’d call EDM meets reggae, which is something the Christian music industry generally doesn’t do, unless TobyMac is involved. This is perhaps the hippest song I’ve heard from the “I know my Redeemer lives” singer.

Thing is, it totally makes sense for Nicole to do a song like “Hey Girl.” She has been caring about girls for years through her “Baby Girls Club” concept– hanging out with youngsters, teaching them about their Godly beauty, and inspiring them to dream big dreams and work toward achieving them. Meanwhile, Nicole’s always been one to exercise, keeping a toned figure over the years, and she incorporates some dance moves into the new video– the kind that anyone can mimic wherever they’re watching online.

All in all, Nicole C. Mullen is a positive role model for girls, and that’s something she invests a lot of time, talent and energy into…songs like “Hey Girl” speak life to all those who deal with issues like self-esteem and body image. Having been the victim of abuse before, Nicole C. Mullen doesn’t want to see others belittled or hurt. Her music is uplifting and thoughtful, as well as delivered in a way that young people can enjoy these days…and even dance to! –Mark Weber, Christian Music Makers


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Mark Weber

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